Skunks are one of those critters capable of wreaking havoc if they enter your property. A skunk will dig holes around your property in their quest to find food, water, and a place to stay. Apart from their incessant digging, skunks smell terrible. When threatened, they release a foul-smelling, long-lasting oily fluid. When in contact with the skin, this fluid causes severe irritation, and the smell alone is enough to make you sick.

How to Identify Skunks on Your Property
Having a skunk invade your property means that there are many things to look out for. The not so subtle signs they leave behind as they wander around your yard can help you determine the magnitude of the invasion. Here are common signs that prove you have a skunk on your property.

· Sightings
This is the most obvious sign that proves you have a skunk living next to you. There are different types of skunks, and they each have unique features. The striped skunk is the one we are able to recognize easily. It has black fur with white stripes running down its back. The spotted skunk, on the other hand, has white stripes and spots on its black fur. The spotted skunk is smaller than the striped skunk. Skunks are nocturnal mammals, which means that there is a higher chance of spotting one at night than during the day.

· Tracks
If you can identify a skunk track, then you are one step closer to getting rid of them. A skunk's track resembles that of a raccoon. However, unlike the raccoon's track, the skunk's heel is barely present in its tracks. You can also see the claw marks on the ground.

· Damaged Property
Skunks often attack lawns and gardens in search of larvae and grubs. Trampled flowers, destroyed crops, and holes characterize the damages on your garden or lawn. Skunk activities rise during spring since food and water are abundant

· Stench
The skunk's signature fragrance accompanies it wherever it goes. If your environment smells weird, it is a good sign that a skunk is nearby. They might even spray your pets if they get too close to them. If your cat smells fouls, you most definitely have a skunk around.

Pest Control and Skunks
You might want to hire a pest control service to help you with your skunk problem, but it is a fruitless idea in reality. To cut a long story short, no pest control company will respond to your skunk issue. Their jurisdiction does not include handling animal wildlife. Will pest control come when you call regarding a skunk invading your property? No, they usually handle insects. Pest control companies only concern themselves with issues regarding insects. Pest control companies do everything, from preventing invasive species to controlling them. They always work within their limits.

Whom You Should Call
A huge difference separates pest control companies from wildlife control companies. While pest control companies focus on issues relating to insects, wildlife control companies handle all forms of animal wildlife.

If, as a homeowner, you have skunks invading your property, then your local wildlife control company is the right place to lay your complaint. They have well-trained staff, equipment, and techniques used in removing wildlife animals like skunks.

Hiring a wildlife control company saves you a whole lot of time and money. The wildlife control company will not only handle the situation, but they will also offer you tips and precautionary measures to make sure that the creature does not return.

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